highlights the ten benefits provided by professional trade fairs

10 Beneficios
  • The international trade fair operator considers that associations and business sectors obtain benefits ranging from visibility and reputation to talent attraction, through strategic relationships, market influence, global positioning, or innovation and development, among other returns.

Madrid, March 6, 2024

The international trade fair operator SHOW2BE has compiled the ten benefits provided by professional trade fairs to associations and business sectors. Among them, it highlights visibility and reputation, strategic relationships, market influence, global positioning, innovation and development, or talent attraction.

"In today's dynamic business world, professional associations play a vital role in promoting and advancing their respective sectors. One of the most powerful tools to achieve this is to have a professional trade fair, co-organized with professional trade fair operators."

These are the ten reasons why Calleja advises associations and sectors to have their own professional trade fair:

  1. Visibility and reputation. Professional trade fairs are perfect showcases to highlight the innovations and strengths of a sector and the most powerful and complete sales, marketing, and communication tool there is because they allow reaching thousands of customers at once. They are a perfect platform to present products and services within ecosystems where one brand reinforces another. "An example of this is that in the US, 40% of B2B companies' investment goes to professional trade fairs," comments Calleja.
  2. Relationships and strategic networking. They are a unique platform for different operators in the value chain of a sector to connect, collaborate, and form strategic alliances. "When an exhibitor attends a professional trade fair, they are not buying square meters, but time and audience agenda, attention share, tailor-made advertising impacts, profitable relationship opportunities...," adds the Events General Manager of SHOW2BE.
  3. Education and knowledge. They are ideal spaces to organize conferences and workshops with the aim of promoting learning and professional updating. These events are a great framework to invite experts who offer high-value content for the entire trade fair community that can then be applied in the daily activities of companies.
  4. Promotion and talent attraction. Trade fairs allow discovering new talents, both among participants and visitors, and startups within the sector, since they will coexist there from established companies to new ones that have just started their journey.
  5. Market influence. Through them, associations can influence trends and industry standards. The presentation of innovative products and services with similar characteristics or focused on the same audiences by several companies can trigger trends that are made visible by the loudspeaker that an event of these characteristics represents, but that would not have the same echo if they were to be promoted individually.
  6. Resource generation. They are a source of resources for both the organizing association and its members through the rental of exhibition spaces, sponsorships, and the ticket price paid by attendees.
  7. Market research. At the same time, they are an excellent thermometer and opportunity to carry out market studies on site and better understand the needs of customers, who can directly share their experiences and opinions with participants about the products and services presented to them.
  8. Global positioning. Trade fairs also help to position sectors and their members in the global market. Currently, new technologies allow multiplying their impact and spreading their news to virtually any corner of the world, as well as extending in time the relationships that have materialized in them.
  9. Innovation and development. Simply bringing together the main actors in a sector fosters innovation and development through the exchange and complementarity of the novelties presented by different companies.
  10. Social and community impact. Sectoral meetings allow associations to show and underline their commitment to social responsibility and sustainable development. This has a positive impact on customers, who are increasingly aware of environmental defense and demand that the companies they buy products and/or services from have sustainable behaviors.

And as a conclusion to these ten benefits, Raúl Calleja affirms that "any sector with a fair is much stronger in society and, therefore, also before the administrations."

SHOW2BE brings to the trade fair sector a model based on 3.0 trade fair marketing solutions and exponential new technologies and is a pioneer in making available to sectoral associations, professional clusters, and public administrations its full range of tools and 360º services to co-create professional trade fair ecosystems. Through them, it seeks to contribute to the development and promotion of vertical and specialized sectors, and activate and accelerate business opportunities among the business community with maximum return on investment by empowering networking and knowledge of sectoral novelties and innovation among the professionals of each collective.


SHOW2BE is the new global trade fair operator for the international scope, focusing on the entire area of influence and commercial connection with Ibero-America, which offers a 360º model of integral provider, own service, and proven success. It combines technology, 3.0 trade fair marketing solutions, specialized audiences, content, community, personalization, experience, and formats at the service

It has over 20 years of experience in the design, creation, production, organization, and management of hyper-specialized B2B and B2C fairs, driving a new B2P (Business-To-People) model. It specializes in innovation and disruptive new technologies in order to maximize value contribution, return on investment, and optimization of the time of trade fair communities and audiences.